Environmental Health & Safety Consultants, LLC provides asbestos testing to residential and commercial customers throughout Connecticut. Our qualified asbestos specialists are certified and use state of the art equipment to perform our asbestos testing services. If your home or business was built or remodeled before 1982, there is a good chance that asbestos is present in the building materials.

Asbestos comes in many forms. Some areas of potential concern are insulation, floor tiles and adhesives, ceiling tiles, shingles, sheetrock compound, roofing materials and exterior siding. Disturbing the asbestos materials during a remodeling or demolition project can lead to health risks if not handled properly. Asbestos sampling and testing should always be conducted prior to starting a renovation project. Our asbestos inspections will identify the presence of asbestos containing materials.

Unsure if asbestos is present in your home or business? We offer residential and commercial tests, with accurate results returned fast. We pride ourselves on customer service, cost-effective prices and workmanship. Our trained technicians will assess your property and conduct an in-depth inspection to see if and where there may be asbestos. If present, we will coordinate an asbestos removal plan. We work with leading mitigation companies who are certified to remove asbestos safely.

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